1887 OB MAP Color Poster Availble NOW!

OB-1887-Map-smThe OBHS historical 1887 OB MAP posters shows lovely calligraphy, old street names, railroad lines, beaches, rock formations, sand dunes and springs. The map’s natural aging gives it a wonderful pirate-map quality that transports you back in time. Map Posters $20 ea. Proceeds go to the Ocean Beach Historical Society a 501(c)(3) non-profit org. Available at: OBHS Events/Programs, The Green Store, John Baker Picture Frames, OBMA and the Newport Avenue Antique Center


Mary-Allely-2014smOBHS ARCHIVES preserve local history. We need: Historical Photos, Items, Cash & Archival Supplies, Documentation & Interviews (more info. on Archive Page) Gifts may be donated at OBHS programs.
Archive Donations Only Contact Archivist Mary Allely (619)223-7784 OBHS is a 501 (C) 3 Non-profit, donations of items & cash May Be Tax Deductible.  All General Info. Contact PAT JAMES, Pres.  pjinob@gmail.com or (619)226-8125.

Aug. 21, 2014 Premier of the “OCEAN BEACH” Book!

OBbookhandOcean Beach Historical Society presents: “OCEAN BEACH” A NEWLY RELEASED BOOK By the Ocean Beach Historical Society & Arcadia Publishing
Thurs., AUGUST 21, 2014, at 7 pm at the P.L. United Methodist Church at 1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd., O.B.
The long awaited Ocean Beach Historical Society’s book titled “OCEAN BEACH”, will premier at the OBHS Aug. 21st program. OBHS will present O.B.’s wonderful history, cover new information and show some never before published historical photos. A book signing and reception will follow the program. The book will be available to buy at the program for $21.99 plus tax. Learn O.B.’s history, talk with the authors, see many O.B. historic photos, and share stories with the group. We encourage those who donated to this book to join us, as we all celebrate the introduction of this fantastic book “OCEAN BEACH”. This Event is Free!

Quote: I bought 2 great job! —Gregg C., owner of a historic home in the OB book.

SD City Council approves O.B. Community Plan Update

OB-Plan-Council-flat-MontageJuly 29, 2014, is NOW  a historic date in the history of Ocean Beach—The San Diego City Council approved a long-awaited update to the Ocean Beach Community Plan, which addresses issues like zoning and neighborhood character for our unique beach town.

The update plan, 12-years in the making, was given a unanimous go-ahead 

to  preserve O.B. as one of the last small beach towns in S. CA. Residents who spoke approved of O.B.’s smaller scale and railed against the kind of vacation rental development seen along M.B. amd P.B.’s boardwalk. Retaining the historical cottages was also a key point.

“WWII Comes to O.B.”

Dedi-BrownieThe Ocean Beach Historical Society presented: “WWII Comes to O.B.”, featuring Dedi Ridenouer on July 17, 2014 at the P.L. United Methodist Church at 1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd. in Ocean Beach.— We were transported back to the frightening start of WWII in O.B. by hearing an Ocean Beach native tell of hearing “War is Declared!”,
seeing armed soldiers patrolling Sunset Cliffs Blvd. (her front yard), about a hair-raising 45 mile trip in blackout, martial law, and air raids. We heard the actual unpublished words of a Navy doctor’s wife contemporaneous journal describe the anxiety, bravery and courage of our local OBceans as they faced possible invasion by  Japan in the first weeks of the war. Gust heard about O.B. Elementary School’s air raid drills, finding k-rations washed up on shore, and how growing up in a war affected these children later. Dedi shared a recently found document she discovered while digging for material for the new Ocean Beach historic book. This family treasure is a 72-year-old historical piece Dedi’s own mother wrote. She shared this interesting program to a packed crowded.

June 19, 2014 105th Anniversary of Collier’s Parklands!

Collier-park-signThe OB Historical Society Presents 105th Anniversary of Collier’s Parklands! Featuring John Noble,  Kathy Blavatt and others—Thursday, June 19, 7PM at P.L. United Methodist Church, 1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd., O.B.

The OBHS was celebrating an important historical gift to our peninsula. In 1909, D.C. Collier’s dream of a park for the future children of his beloved community was on it’s way to being established. A sixty acres tract on pueblo lot 206 was dedicated parkland, upon which Collier promised to plant thousand of trees without cost to the city. He’d also connect a road to the two main boulevards. 105 years later parks on the property include: Collier Park, the Point Loma Native Reserve (Garden), The Ocean Beach Community Garden and Cleater Park (ballfields). Other parts of the property are no longer public parkland.
We learned about the parks’ turbulent past, including areas that lost protection as designated parkland. Also about the home for unwed mothers that sat on the parklands’ site for decades. At the Celebrate the Collier Parkland’s 105th Anniversary the Point Loma Garden Club, donated to the O.B. Archives, a wonderful collection  about the history of establishing the Point Loma Native Preserve. Frank Gomile of the OB Rag spoke on the riots and did a wonderful brief history on Collier. The OB Rag did a story on the OBHS program and a follow-up on the parks and history at: http://obrag.org/?p=84643>

OB EXPOSED! 2014 HOT and Fun!

Best of ShowIt was a hot night on May 16, 2014, but many people showed up for a lot of fun and some great photos at OB EXPOSED! at the Masonic Center. Feature MC Wonderland Series Documentarian Noah Tafolla was a hoot (See more of him on TV coming up soon on Channel 4).The photos of Ocean Beach or Point Loma this year included many color entries. We had a spectacular year for Sunsets, and our photographer caught the best of them. “People’s Choice” was a golder sunset frame shot from inside a cave at the cliffs. The photograpgher said, “The color was so great that evening no tweaking had to be done on the photo”. “Best Vintage” photo entry by Jonnie Wilson, wearing  her “Cat Glasses” in front the pier with her family, in the mid-sixties, brought back memories for many of that nostalgic time.

Congratulations to OB Exposed! 2014 Winners: BEST IN SHOW- Julie Peters-Haymes, BEST COLOR- Jaclyn Shepard, BEST BLACK & WHITE – Fran Del Santo, BEST VINTAGE- Jonnie Wilson, PEOPLE’S CHOICE- Krista M. Rayl, BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS- Michael Contos, BEST CHILD UNDER 16- Scott Williams
Special thank to the OB Business Center at 4876 Santa Monica for collecting and helping with the photos. Winners will soon be exhibited there/Humming Bird. Entrants who didn’t donate will be able to collect them there after May 20th. If not collected by Mid-June they will go into the OBHS archives. Thanks to all those that entered photos, the businesses that donated food and the volunteers and OBHS Board Members. Start your clicking shots for next year’s OB Exposed!

The Ocean Beach Woman’s Club Turns 90!

1924-OBWC-Ukelele-Band-smdtApril 17, 2014 the Ocean Beach Historical Society Presented: The Ocean Beach Woman’s Club Turns 90!  We Celebrated the club’s fabulous History in O.B.
The Ocean Beach Woman’s Club Interim President Melyssa (Mel) Roark and Board Member Mercy Baron, presented the club’s history and plans for the future.
The OBWC was formed in 1924, by a group of women from the founding families of OB. They are the oldest civic group in Ocean Beach. Over the years, the club met in several of O.B.’s past landmark buildings, before settling in the current clubhouse on Bacon Street. Many gals, and some guys, celebrated the Ocean Beach Woman’s Club 90th Anniversary and learned about the extraordinary women who did so much for OB.

New OB Fantasy Seascape Fence Mural

Young-at-ArtCheck it out… on Sat Mar. 22, 2014, The Ocean Beach ‘Young at Art Creative Center’ and friends painted a new OB Fantasy Seascape  Mural (w/ some historical sites) on the long fence at the gas station at the corner of Sunset Cliffs Blvd. and Point Loma Blvd. (South end of  OB). Thanks to Kim Howell, Gary McKany and the kids from Young at Art for this mural that adds to the creative spirit of the O.B. and our long history of murals.


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