Great Gifts- OCEAN BEACH book and 1887 OB MAP!

OBbookhandThe “Ocean Beach” book by the Ocean Beach Historical Society & Arcadia Publishing is $21.99 ea. plus tax. This fantastic book is filled O.B.’s wonderful history and images. (Signing dates on left). Purchase book at: OBHS  programs, events, Te Mana Café, Green Store, SDHC, James Gang Company, Newbreak Coffee (Abbott St.), OB Books and Music, OBMA, OB People’s, OB Gifts and Shells, Stump’s Market, Costco, Book Star.
OB-1887-Map-smOBHS HISTORICAL 1887 OB MAP posters shows lovely calligraphy, old street names, railroad lines, beaches, rock formations, sand dunes and springs. The map’s natural aging gives it a wonderful pirate-map quality— $20 ea.  Available at: OBHS Events/Programs, The Green Store, John Baker Picture Frames, OBMA and the Newport Avenue Antique Center. Proceeds go to the O.B. Historical Society a 501(c)(3) non-profit org


Mary-Allely-2014smOBHS ARCHIVES preserve local history. We need: Historical Photos, Items, Cash & Archival Supplies, Documentation & Interviews (more info. on Archive Page) Donate gifts at OBHS programs. Archive Donations Only Contact Archivist Mary Allely (619)223-7784 OBHS is a 501 (C) 3 Non-profit, Donations May Be Tax Deductible.  All General Info. Contact PAT JAMES, Pres. or (619)226-8125.

Dec. 6, 2014- Be Part of History in the O.B. Holiday Parade

TheoBe Part of History…Join us in the Dec. 6th, 2014 O.B. Holiday Parade: The Ocean Beach Historical Society marches in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the San Diego Peace March of 1914.  
The huge downtown parade was the brain child of Madame Katherine Tingley, leader of the Theosophical Society on Point Loma. 2,000 people, including 600 Marines led by Col. J. H. Pendleton marched down C Street on Sept. 28, 1914. The San Diego Union claimed it was “the greatest parade for universal peace held anywhere in the United States since the outbreak of the European War” (World War I).
Leading the OBHS 2014 parade entry will be Dedi Ridenour, portraying Madame Tingley, AKA “The Purple Mother,” with members & friends of the historical society filling in as her peace-loving followers.
Historic Details of marchers in the 1914 parade included: Police Chief Keno Wilson, Mayor Charles O’Neall, members of the City Council and the Board of Education, San Diego school children, students from the State Normal School in University Heights, Civil War veterans, and representatives of such diverse groups as the Holland Society of San Diego, the San Diego Scottish Social Club, the Federation of Women’s Clubs, and the Red Cross Society.
COSTUMES:  Women wore white, long skirts some with white capes, flower & leaf
garlands or wreathes. Men wore dark colored time-period suits & hats or military attire & boys wore nickers.
For parade update details check:

Thurs. Nov. 20, 2014 “THE BOAT PEOPLE”

boat-peopleThurs., Nov. 20, 2014, at 7PM the Ocean Beach Historical Society Presents “THE BOAT PEOPLE” Former FREE-ANCHORAGE Live-Aboards! Featuring Gillian Lancaster & Friends: After talking to the Duckman, Zeke and BooBoo, and learning the names of some of the boats, such as the “Love Shack”, “Rapture”, “Gillian’s Box”, you quickly realize why many of these people ended up living or hanging out in Ocean Beach.  These free-spirited individuals, like our speaker Gillian, love the sun and water and being in a place with a relaxed lifestyle. Come learn the history of the  FREE-ANCHORAGE (off Shelter Island), live-aboards and challenges. Enjoy a night of humorous tales!—It’s FREE!
AHOY!!!! Former FREE-ANCHORAGE live-aboards. Come, reunite and tell your tales or share your photos. Phone Gillian Lancaster at: 858 456-4196


St-NamesOCT. 16, 2014, the OBHS presented: READING BETWEEN THE LAMPPOSTS: THE LITERARY GIANTS OF LOMA PORTAL IS A BOOK ABOUT STREET NAMES, This program featured a unique book that is about a special neighborhood project coordinated by friends Elaine Fotinos Burrell and Karla Lapic.
The neighborhood of Loma Portal, has the curious distinction of its streets being named after (mostly) 18th century authors in alphabetical order. From (Louisa Mae) Alcott to (Emile) Zola, the lives of these 26 authors were researched by 26 neighborhood families, and compiled into this book. Each biographical essay is written in its own style, describing the early life of the historic author, a list of works, and excerpts of writings. A true collaborative effort of celebration of  this cherished Loma Portal neighborhood.


SEPT. 18, 2014 the Ocean Beach Historical Society Presented THE BATTLE OF  SAN PASQUAL  DECEMBER 1846: LOOKING THROUGH THE  HAZE OF GUNSMOKE, Featuring Richard L. Carrico, Department of American Indian Studies SDSU
Ever wonder what really happened at the Battle of San Pasqual on Dec.6-7, 1846? Who really won the battle between Andres Pico and the Through researcg and humor Carrico lead us through  the battle of the Californios and General Kearny and the American forces. He spoke about Kearny’s questionable objectives and how many men Kearny lead to death and injuries in the ill-fated skirmish. Carrico spoke about the role of the Kumeyaay at the village of San Pasqual and  the mysterious Indian Andre who accompanied Kit Carson to seek reinforcements. He to us how can you visit the site of the battle and learn more.
In the context of the overall events and battles of the Mexican War, the Battle of San Pasqual that occurred on December 6-7, 1846 in San Diego County played a relatively minor role. In the history of California, however, and especially the history of southern California, the battle is of importance because of the military and political leaders involved (both Californio and American), the involvement of local Native American people (primarily Kumeyaay/Ipai and Luiseño), the fact that the sites of the engagements can still be visited, and the placement of the battle in the subtext of California’s cultural history and that history’s diversity.

Aug. 21, 2014 the “OCEAN BEACH” Book Premiered!

OBbookhandOcean Beach Historical Society presented: “OCEAN BEACH” A NEWLY RELEASED BOOK By the Ocean Beach Historical Society & Arcadia Publishing on AUGUST 21, 2014, to a packed crowd the  at PLUM Church in O.B.
The long awaited “OCEAN BEACH” book premiered as Co-Authors Kathy Blavatt & Jonnie Wilson presented. The book  contains O.B.’s wonderful history, new information and shows some never before published historical photos. Steve Rowell spoke about his photos in the book and Dedi Ridenhour did a brief section on Sunset Cliffs. The OBHS board members and archivists that worked on the book were also introduced. These included  Barbara Busch, Stephanie Greenwald, Jane Gawronski and Susan James. A book signing and reception  followed having guest a chance to talk with the authors. Many books and 1887 Map Posters were sold.  We thank all those who donated to this fantastic book “OCEAN BEACH”. Books available  for $21.99 plus tax: at OBHS events and local venders, Book Star P.L. (Sept. 6th signing) and Morena Costco (Sept. 6th signing).

Quote: I bought 2 great job! —Gregg C., owner of a historic home in the OB book.

SD City Council approves O.B. Community Plan Update

OB-Plan-Council-flat-MontageJuly 29, 2014, is NOW  a historic date in the history of Ocean Beach—The San Diego City Council approved a long-awaited update to the Ocean Beach Community Plan, which addresses issues like zoning and neighborhood character for our unique beach town.

The update plan, 12-years in the making, was given a unanimous go-ahead 

to  preserve O.B. as one of the last small beach towns in S. CA. Residents who spoke approved of O.B.’s smaller scale and railed against the kind of vacation rental development seen along M.B. amd P.B.’s boardwalk. Retaining the historical cottages was also a key point.

“WWII Comes to O.B.”

Dedi-BrownieThe Ocean Beach Historical Society presented: “WWII Comes to O.B.”, featuring Dedi Ridenouer on July 17, 2014 at the P.L. United Methodist Church at 1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd. in Ocean Beach.— We were transported back to the frightening start of WWII in O.B. by hearing an Ocean Beach native tell of hearing “War is Declared!”,
seeing armed soldiers patrolling Sunset Cliffs Blvd. (her front yard), about a hair-raising 45 mile trip in blackout, martial law, and air raids. We heard the actual unpublished words of a Navy doctor’s wife contemporaneous journal describe the anxiety, bravery and courage of our local OBceans as they faced possible invasion by  Japan in the first weeks of the war. Gust heard about O.B. Elementary School’s air raid drills, finding k-rations washed up on shore, and how growing up in a war affected these children later. Dedi shared a recently found document she discovered while digging for material for the new Ocean Beach historic book. This family treasure is a 72-year-old historical piece Dedi’s own mother wrote. She shared this interesting program to a packed crowded.


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