OBHS ARCHIVES preserve the history of O.B. and the peninsula.

WE NEED: • Historical Photos, Items, Documentation & Interviews • Cash & Archival Supplies

Archives provide an invaluable window into our past. The collection includes: Photos, maps, books, papers, newspapers, letters & artifacts, an biography index and 1926-1984 S.D. Directories. Donations Welcome- Buildings and scenery vanish or change…people’s lives are of interest… photos, house plans, business & org. records, and family papers are needed.
When Donating: Please date, identify the people and places. Reluctant to give up originals? The Archive’s staff will safely copy and return items to you with your permission to use the materials. Preservation work needs support & supplies. Gifts may be donated at OBHS meetings. OBHS is a 501 (C) 3 Non-profit, donations of items & cash May Be Tax Deductible.  Thanks to all who donate. 


All General Info. Contact PAT JAMES, Pres. or (619)226-8125.

6 Responses

  1. I live in a 103 year old home, at 2932 Evergreen Street.
    Might you have old photos of my home?

  2. Im interested in see some of these old photos of Ocean Beach. And I was curious if I could purchase a copy to hang on my wall

  3. Id really like to look at the archive and I was hoping I could purchase or make a donation. I’ve lived here in OB for 15 years. I would love to find some. Pictures for my new condo here in OB.

  4. I am writing a little piece on what it was like growing up in Ocean Beach during the 80’s. I was trying to find photos of some of the storefronts from that era to jog my memory, particularly of Buford’s…interior photos of Buford’s would make me very happy indeed. There is almost nothing on the web. Do you have anything like this in your archives?

  5. i am looking for information on the the collier park hospital in ocean beach, california. have have been city of hope children’s home in 1947.

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