Point Loma Book Program

pl-postcardOBHS presented POINT LOMA BOOK, BY ERIC DUVALL, KITTY MCDANIEL & AUTHORS FROM LA PLAYA TRAIL ASSOCIATION, FEB. 16th, Point Loma is one of San Diego’s most historic neighborhoods. The newly released book by Arcadia Publishing is packed full of lovely historical photos and information about our spectacular peninsula community. The OBHS had a program on this fabulous Point Loma book. From Ballast Point and La Playa, where the first Europeans stepped ashore on California, to the Theosophical Community Lomaland, on the crest of the Point, Point Loma explores the community’s unique neighborhoods, people, businesses, public institutions, and military bases. Newly elected OBHS President Eric DuVall and newly elected OBHS Board Member Kitty McDaniel, along with other collaborating authors from La Playa Trail Association will presented wonderful images and stories from the book. The book has been very well received in its first weeks of publication.

Maggie Espinosa- Traveler Journalist & Author

maggie-espinosa-portrait Jan.19th. OBHS Presented a wonderful program by the high energized Maggie Espinosa- Traveler Journalist & Author, Maggie Espinosa embarked on an 800-mile walk to visit California’s 21 missions from San Diego to Sonoma along the El Camino Real. What ensued was the journey of a lifetime to become the 11th person to complete this sojourn.
Maggie Espinosa is a Travel Journalist. She is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers and NATJA Silver & Bronze Award Winner. She was also the San Diego San Diego Press Club president during 2013 & 2014. Maggie is author of Author of On a Mission and The Privileged Pooch.
More about Maggie Espinosa at: http://www.travelwithmaggie.com

Looking forward to 2017

SEE YOU IN 2017 at our OBHS Programs & Events.
News: Pat James is stepping down as the Ocean Beach Historical Society President, though he will be Vice President. Eric DuVall has been elected as the  the new 2017 President. Former V.P. Derek Sander is no longer on the OBHS board. All other previous board members were re-elected and Kitty McDaniel was elected to the board.Congratulation to all.

OB Children’s Park Benefit was fun

The December 6, 2016 Benefit for the future creation of the Ocean Beach Children’s Park in Honer of Ruth Varney Held was a fun evening. Two of Ruth’s grandsons played in a band at the event, and her daughter and grandaughter made a speeches. A nice tribute to Ruth who did so much for Ocean Beach and wrote Beach Town. For more info. about the park go to http://www.obcdc.org.

Lyman J. Gage- A Great Man

gage-portrait11/17/16- The OB Historical Society Presented:   Lyman J. Gage- A Great Man, by John Noble, on Thursday evening Nov. 17th.
John Noble  presented his program about Lyman J. Gage, 42nd United States Secretary of the Treasury. In 1906 Gage came to Point Loma to deal with a family crisis and retire from the stress of the East Coast. Gage was drawn to the Lomaland Theosophist community. John spoke about Gage’s extraordinary accomplishments before coming to San Diego and  the extraordinary life he made for himself in San Diego and his important role in preserving Balboa Park. We learned Gage, who was far more than just a local street name.

John Noble, Owner of Coastal Sage Garden Shop & Landscaping.  He designed and planted the landscaping in front of the Lily Pond at Balboa Park for the Centennial Anniversary.

Oct. 16-100 Year Anniversary of the Original OB Library

On Sun., Oct.16th we had the Celebration & Historical Recognition of the 100 Year Anniversary of the Original Ocean Beach Library at the Sutliffe Building- 1951 Abbott St., Falling Sky Pottery & 1959 Abbott St., Newbreak Coffee & Café
(Corner building at Abbott St. & Santa Monica Ave.)
Proceeds to Pay for a Historical Plaque on The Sutliffe Building- Other proceeds are split between the Ocean Beach Historical Society & Friends of the Library
The event included:  Music, Art & Historical Photos Exhibit, Coffee & Snacks, Historical Block Walk & 50/50 Opportunity Drawing, Historical Cars,  and more!!! Some of the attendees dressed in  attire from 1916 – 1928, many taking their photos by the antique cars supplied by the Horseless Carriage Club of SD. We thank all the wonderful musicians and helpers especially those from OBHS and Friends of the Library that made this a fabulous event. We also thank the office of Supervisor Ron Roberts for a proclamation that was presented. A special thanks goes to Newbreak Coffee  Cafe, Falling Sky Pottery for hosting the event and Raindrops Bikini Store for putting up our historical window.
outside-abbott-ob-library-smSutliffe Building-The Original O.B. Library- Since it’s beginning, the “Sutliffe Building” on the NW corner of Abbott St. & Santa Monica Ave. has been a very important of part of OB’s history. In 1916 the very first Ocean Beach branch of the San Diego Public Library opened in the “Sutliffe Building” storefront. One room was used for the library and one room was used for storage, office, book intake and other “library tasks.”
Miss Kate Spani, raised $200 to buy shelves and materials for furniture, which pioneer residents built. The library was surrounded by a noisy amusement park, but patrons were asked to speak in a whisper.
Next to the library was the jail. The four tops of the jail cell’s thick concrete columns can still be seen in Newbreak Coffee & Café.
In part of the 1970s-80s, Buford Seals a colorful character known as “The Candyman” owned and operated Buford’s Candy Store at 1959 Abbott St.  In that same space the Newbreak Coffee & Café opened in 1999, where famed musician Jason Mraz, at the beginning of his career, played on Saturday evenings that summer.
Many wonderful businesses were in this building the first 100 years. These included a camera store, several surf shops, jewelers, a bikini shop, restaurants and coffee houses.
Both Stonehedge Leather and Falling Sky Pottery opened there in 1969, becoming an important part of O.B.’s artisan community.- Sponsored By the Ocean Beach Historical Society & Friends of the Library

Sept. 15-On the Tracks of an Angry God: John P. Harrington in San Diego County

Thurs., Sept. 15, 7 pm at P.L. United Methodist Church, 1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd., O.B. the Ocean Beach Historical Society Presents: On the Tracks of an Angry God: John P. Harrington in San Diego County, By Richard Carrico. While teaching a class at the San Diego Museum of Man he met a young student named Carobeth and they took leisurely walks across the Laurel Street Bridge. Harrington noted that Carobeth possessed one of the finestears for language and linguistics that he had ever encountered. They subsequently married and he immediately took the young San Diego girl on his field trips with him. The marriage failed and Carobeth married George Laird, one of Harrington’s Chemehuevi consultants. Noting his sometime imperious attitude and his rushed demeanor, the Chemehuevi called Harrington “An Angry God.”
Richard Carrico will present an anthropological, historical, and geographic travelogue as we follow Harrington the “Angry God” through San Diego County.  From the coast to the Anza Borrego desert and, from northern Baja California to Warner Springs, Carrico will interpret Harrington’s sometimes cryptic handwritten notes, provide photographic images of the region circa 1925, and offer a unique glimpse into Kumeyaay culture as captured in the mid-1920s.