Kumeyaay Resistance and “Abusive” Art

Great Program!- Kumeyaay Resistance and “Abusive” Art at Mission San Diego and the San Diego Presidio, By Richard Carrico Sept. 21, 2017Do you ever wonder how the local Kumeyaay Indians might have resisted Spanish colonialization besides sacking Mission San Diego in 1775? Is there any chance that they used art forms to show their disdain for the Spaniards right beneath (and above) the eyes of the colonists? In this highly informative and engaging talk, local historian and anthropologist Richard L. Carrico delve into the “dark art” that the Kumeyaay used to continue their ancient artistic practices and their use of symbology.


OB Activism in My Activist Youth

Bob-at-SSC-RallyAUG. 17 Athe OB Historical Society presented: O.B. Activism in My Activist Youth, BY ROBERT BURNS, The presentation addressed O.B. activism of which I was aware or in which I was involved in the 1970s & 1980s. The focus is not on me but, rather, on that of which I was aware of sometimes with my involvement and sometimes only with my observation. Organizations and phenomena discussed encompass: Ocean Beach Planning Board, O.B. Free School, O.B. collectivism, O.B. Rock ‘n Roll bands, O.B. Tenants Union, Winchell’s opposition, Committee to Save Black’s Beach, C.E.A.N., O.B. C.R.A.B., O.B. People’s Food Store, Committee to Save Red House, Committee to Save Sunset Cliffs, and Friends of Famosa Slough.
Robert Burns grew up in Ohio where Lake Erie died, the Cuyahoga River caught fire,
forests were clear-cut, farms were strip-mined, and students were murdered at Kent State by the Ohio National Guard. Five- months of ill living within the Big Ag plume in Imperial Valley, he moved to O.B. to go to law school with a passion for organic produce. Life in O.B. presented a continuous variety of grassroots movements and causes; he was involved in quite a few particularly in the 1970s & 1980s. He became a lawyer in 1980 and for awhile used the legal system as a vehicle for grassroots.

Watch Your Step!

Urban-Forestry-blkThurs., July 20, 2017 in O.B.- The Ocean Beach Historical Society presented: Watch Your Step! The Sidewalks of Ocean Beach & Point Loma– By Eric DuVall,
Little did we know Sidewalks were so fascinating!
Eric DuVall explained his 45 year fascination with the sidewalks of Ocean Beach and Point Loma. This is a path upon which entire streets appear and disappear, and where the passage of time and the physical history of our community are literally written in concrete. No, really! Would anyone have thought that something so ubiquitous and ordinary, something so obviously hard, if not always cold, as common sidewalks, could be even remotely interesting? Or that the very sidewalk beneath your feet might be steeped in mystery and controversy? Well it sure is.
Eric’s occasional Facebook Feature, Sidewalk Sunday, proved – against all odds – to be popular. And our presentation on the 50th Anniversary of the Ocean Beach Pier showed the world that people will turn out to hear a man talk about concrete. In this case our presenter was not an expert on the subject, but merely an observer. An observer of something that doesn’t move, something that is the same this morning as it was thirty, fifty, or even one hundred years ago. Or is it?
Thanks Eric for a interesting and entertaining program.

OBHS in the News

Abbie Alford of Channel 8 News visited the Ocean Beach Historical Society June, 15, 2017 Program featuring Claudia Jack who shared her passion for collecting signs and preserving our history. Take a look at this wonderful and fun blast to O.B.’s past! ( link to video ).

What FUN!- O.B. Signs Remembered

OBHS presented: O.B. Signs Remembered, June 15, 2017 By presenter Claudia Jack who has an extensive Ocean Beach sign collection of the community’s  most memorable and funny signs we laughed at over the years. She saved many signs that were on the way to being trashed or destroyed. Claudia also talked briefly on the  importance of community volunteerism. This flash of the past was a riot as words and images triggered your memories of O.B.’s unique and colorful history.


OB-Exposed-2017-gray©Photo by Mike McCarthy
MAY 19, 2017 OB EXPOSED!
was a wonderful event as hundreds of attendees enjoyed seeing photographs of OB and PL while having refreshments provided by local establishments. Winning photos are hanging at the OB Business Center, 4876 Santa Monica Ave. Those that did not donate may pick up photos May 23-June 23 at OB Business Center.

OB EXPOSED! WINNERS: Special Subject Prize“25 year anniversary of the OB farmers market”:
Having a Dog-gone Time at the Farmers Market!,
Kathy Blavatt
People’s Choice: Coastal Blooms, Ted Putnam
Best In Show: The Colorful Alley’s & Trolls of Ocean Beach, Scott Therkalsen
Best Black & White: Center of My Universe, Melinda Therkalsen
Best Color: OB Love, Ed Hopkins
Best Vintage (Historic): Hotel Newport, Vince Adame
Best Child’s Under age 16 : Going  Up, John Burrel  
Best Special Effects: OB Sci-Fi, Ryan Knowl
OB Exposed! THANK YOU:
Food Donors:
Dee’s Newbreak Coffee Co. & Café, European Cake Gallery, Fran Del Santo, Gaslione Brothers, Newbreak Coffee Co. & Café (Beach), OB Quik Stop Liquor & Deli, Ocean Beach Peoples’ Organic Food Market, Olive Tree Market Place, Pepe’s
Food Table & Centerpieces: Stephanie Greenwald, Dedi Ridenhour & Susan James.
Opportunity Drawing Donors:
Bean Me Up Coffee, Dee’s  Newbreak Coffee Co. (Sunset Cliffs), Details Salon & Spa, Floral Fantasia, Lazy Hummingbird, Nelson Photo, Newbreak Coffee Co. & Café (Beach), OB Business Center, OB Mainstreet Association, Often Wander at Noon, Point Loma Masonic Center, Raglan Public House.
A “Special Thanks” to: Fran Del Santo & Joe Ewing for their photos as sales donations.
Judges: Cliff Beck, Joe Ewing, & Steve Rowell.

O.B. Thru The Eyes of a Photographer

Fran-Camera-Apr-2017OBHS Presented and inspiring and intragetic program by Fran Del Santo, April 20, 2017-  “O.B. Thru The Eyes of a Photographer” .  Fran is an OB Street Photographer who wears many hats that include: photographer, sign interpreter, motorcyclist, teacher, community supporter, and more.  Fran is well known in OB for her amazing street photography.
Due to Fran winning so many awards at the OBHS’s Annual OB Exposed! Photo Exhibit and Contest, she has been booted-up to the Professional Category where she exhibits her work. In this capacity she helps other contestants who need advise or mentoring. In 2016, she inspired seven participants to enter OB Exposed! And two of them took first place in separate categories for their wonderful photos.
Even though Fran’s husband John is no longer with us she carries on their personal motto: “If you love Ocean Beach give back to the community.” In this spirit Fran donates all of her entries to the Ocean Beach Historical Society in appreciation of their hard work for the community. Thank you Fran for your lovely photographs, energy and love for OB.